Jaya Dev


Local guru & life enthusiast, Jaya’s lightheartedness is contagious. Inspired by traditional Ashtanga, expect a dynamic strengthening sequence to some funky beats.

New York

How did you get into yoga?
In a nice way. A supportive friend introduced me to yoga as a means of finding a deeper sense of happiness in my life.

What are your weekends like?
I like to sing and I like to cook.

Favorite yoga pose?
Hanumanasana (full splits). Wait no… I like padmanasana (full lotus) because it was an aspiration of mine to achieve. I always wanted to be able to sit in a proper meditative posture.

Source of inspiration?
My students. I’m inspired by people who are inspired by yoga. Positive energy. I witness the celebration of life around me everyday.

Favorite post yoga snack?
Oh, I like, oh boy… smoothies. I like banana smoothies.

Personal mantra?
May everyone be happy and free.

Advice for new students?
We take our time. Yogis are patient and tolerant of our practice and ourselves.