Jose Rivera

"Yoga Fool"

Jose is in the business of movement. His classes incorporate primal postures that will push your limits in the best way.

Favorite post yoga snack?
I don't typically eat after Yoga but I will often have a Vegan protein shake almost right away after my practice.

Top three songs on your playlist?
Can't Feel My Face- The Weekend
Circle of Life- From The Lion King
Whatever Happens- Michael Jackson

Secret talent?
I’m actually a pretty decent close up card magician. (I don't always have cards on me though lol)

Personal mantra?
”Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" - This reminds me to steer clear of abundance. Hunger helps me to be free of my ego and operate from necessity. Foolishness ,as in the behavior of child, helps me to not take life so seriously and keep my eyes wide open to find the love and kindness in any given situation so that I may gravitate towards it. (no matter how sloppy or crazy that might seem)

Dream Vacation?
Honestly, my dream vacation right now would be a 1 month AcroYoga immersion in Montreal. I can't imagine taking a trip to a foreign country without including some kind of workshop or training. Im a passionate student in this regard.I love to learn, I love the refining process, and I love the wisdom gained from such experiences. I wouldn't have anything to share in my instruction if I didn't have my experiences.

How did you get into yoga?
I actually stumbled into Yoga at a gym when my trainer suggested it would help my core strength. I completed less than a month of classes and began my first teacher training that same summer.

On weekends you can be found.
Doing my advanced Yoga practice OFF of my Yoga mat. I reserve my weekends for traveling and teaching outside of Miami. Yoga has come to mean too many things for me and one of the first things that was made clear to me was that Yoga Asana (on the mat) is only a tiny portion of what this practice has to offer.